Under Pressure.

I do not know now where I got the impression from, that Lawanson market was the market with highest priced goods in the whole of Surulere and Idi-Araba market which is barely 500meters away was the cheapest. I think the women who own stalls in the market are more serious than those in other markets with a wider variety of goods and that is why this morning, I took my body to Lawanson to buy the plantains and vegetables I needed to make the meal my spirit had been craving for nearly a month. Continue reading →

I am not Wife Material… And It’s ok.

This post has been sitting pretty in my drafts since June 30th, I wrote it at a time I found myself writing about marriage a whole lot. I decided to shelve it until another time and I guess that time is now…


Recently, I was having a conversation with a much older man about marriage and a woman’s place in the home. If you know me well- or at least read my blog regularly, you’d know that I do not believe in having specific gender roles in a marriage.
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A Matter of the Mind.

I’ve always been struck by the phrase mind over matter even though I didn’t really know what it meant. It came to me again as I typed the title of this post on the Word document which I copied and pasted here to the blog. In my early days of blogging, I typed my posts on the WordPress app on my tablet. After losing several documents, most painful of all – a 2,000+ word post, I finally learned to type on a note app first before transferring to WordPress.

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His Only Wife – A Review…

The book for this week is His Only Wife by Ghanaian writer (in diaspora) Peace Adzo Medie. It offers a view of contemporary womanhood in today’s Ghana and family dynamics in that society. The book generated buzz last year, as it featured on various lists by “prominent” publications and it made it as one of the selections for the Reese Witherspoon’s book club – a near equivalent of winning the lottery for a debut writer.

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Love Language Palava

Nearly thirty years ago, Gary Chapman wrote and published a book titled “The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate”. The book has since become a bestseller (has been on NYT list non-stop for over a decade) and has become a cornerstone in Christian marriage counselling.

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In The Midst of Troubles…

Something happened today that made me put aside my reservations about writing this post. I was close to home, walking in the opposite direction from a man and some children who were headed to the mosque. The man held a little boy who was three or four years old and the boy was on the pedestrian walkway (which is basically a covered drain/gutter).

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They vs You…

They say it is the most beautiful feeling in the world – sitting at your kitchen table, grinding coffee beans, watching the brown shards dance in the percolator and then lifting it to your nose for that heady scent before you let it caress your throat and set your stomach on fire. But you, you have only had Nescafé, the kind in the tin – not even the fancy bottle. You, you cannot relate.

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An Anthem by Johnny Nash.

There is practically no one over the age of thirty who lives in Anglophone areas/cities/towns who doesn’t know Johnny Nash’s upbeat 1972 hit song, I Can See Clearly Now. It’s been used in countless movies and series to show good times and redemption and the lyrics are very cheery and optimistic, walking into light after being in the dark for so long and all that jazz.

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