I am not Wife Material… And It’s ok.

This post has been sitting pretty in my drafts since June 30th, I wrote it at a time I found myself writing about marriage a whole lot. I decided to shelve it until another time and I guess that time is now…


Recently, I was having a conversation with a much older man about marriage and a woman’s place in the home. If you know me well- or at least read my blog regularly, you’d know that I do not believe in having specific gender roles in a marriage.
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Ponzi scheme is just a phrase

The office manager would change the channel if he came into the reception and found the TV tuned to Zee world, however two weeks ago other channels disappeared from the television and when he walks into the reception, he would click his tongue and make his steps heavier.  We were watching an oddly gripping soap on Zee world when Tayo walked in this morning.

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