Shadow of a Rainbow-4


Mummy wake up”

“Mummy wake up!”


Five years of active and healthy, playful boy settled on my stomach, it was his ritual to launch himself on my body after saying his prayers. Morning had never been my favourite time of the day and it was Ibrahim kekere’s job to wake me up.

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Lyrically- Praise you in this storm

Some two thousand plus years ago, God sent his son to die on the cross for man’s salvation. Jesus died and resurrected on the third day, I’d always been fascinated by the second day in that story- Easter Saturday if you like.
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Guest Post-A Reflection on Choices.

Today I have a guest post from a very special person, my youngest brother Ikenna. I literally had to sit beside him to get this post out of him and I had to type it myself because he “wasn’t in the mood to type after writing”.

This pictures were taken at the National Museum Lagos, don’t know why I keep procrastinating about writing a post about that visit.

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Shadow of a Rainbow-3

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My grandfather taught me ABC, my hand writing looks a lot like his because he taught me to write too in his neat cursive that looks like the beautiful Arabic texts in his Quran that he bought when he went for Hajj. Mine isn’t as beautiful but it still beats the chicken scrawls that my generation calls handwriting, well thank God for computers right? Continue reading →

Shadow of a Rainbow- 1

A new series is kicking off today, it should have kicked off yesterday but life happened. For now, it is centered around a young woman who is dealing with a major loss in her life, I might just change my mind about that tomorrow. I struggled on what to call the series, nothing seemed to fit… The only word I kept coming back to was rainbow, maybe because I’d written a Rainbow Series once upon a time… or maybe not. Anyway enjoy part one of this series and let me know your thoughts on it. Criticisms are highly welcomed too! They might not be accepted 😉 but they are welcome.



My name is Bilquis Ademola, however almost everyone calls me Biliki. I hate Biliki but I can’t do anything about their insistence on the name. Isn’t it annoying how people in Lagos spoil beautiful Arabic names? From Mariam to Moriam or Moriamo, Aisha to Aishatu, Amina to Aminatu or Ameeno. I could just scream! You might not understand just how annoying I find it, after all it isn’t your name they’re spoiling, is it?

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