Heart Gone Rogue.

She had often been accused of lacking a heart. While her haters and detractors had never gone as far calling her heartless, even they had to agree that she was kind and a little selfless but they agreed that she was incapable of being straightforward in the affairs of the heart. It puzzled her that they all said the same thing of her, they didn’t even know each other, the fuckers. Continue reading →


Beneath the Iroko

I’m watching cars snarl and drivers curse at Lawanson bus stop while I’m getting series loaded into my Iroko TV app. I’m the last customer of the day, well not a customer- I have an active subscription and it means Success the agent, will get no commission from me. Continue reading →

Shadow of a Rainbow- 6

New to Shadow of a Rainbow or you’ve lost thread because I have not been consistent? *covers face in contrition* Catch up HERE


Rasheeda was carrying a baby and rocking it as she sang a soft lullaby, she looked so beautiful and at peace that I did not want to intrude on the peaceful scene. I wanted to watch her forever. How could I walk to her and tell her that she was dead and had been for a while?

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