Amazing at Sixty.

It had been a stressful time for him, spending four nights on the road and greeting dawn in four different cities. The most important thing he did on that tour was taking his first child to school, he couldn’t have known how hard it would be to walk to the gate while his daughter sat on the concrete slab and looked like her heart would break. For months he had told her stories about boarding school, his tales of the comfort of school were supposed to comfort her, to make the move an exciting thing. He was wrong. Continue reading →

29 things I’m grateful for.

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, the twenty-ninth day of December is one of my favourite days in the year, you see- it is the day I get to say my birthday is next tomorrow. This year has been tumultuous, the changes I have been through seem to have been too intense for one year. However I am grateful for a lot of things, maybe more than twenty-nine, maybe less but let’s start… Continue reading →

Cameroon:Nigeria Love: Hate Affair (My Personal Perspective P1)- Guest Post

I met Marie on Timi’s blog when I was featured here. Her blog is lit! (link at the end of the post) and I’m so honoured to have her here. The post should have been up since Friday (which is when I like to put up guest posts) but I had a bout of back pain (the pain killers I’ve been on since Tuesday became ineffective all at once) and I forgot to post it. Enjoy her scintillating post and watch out for Part 2 (as our nollywood brothers will say)


I started to feel concerned about what the outcome of the recent female African Cup of Nations (Afcon) finals hosted by us (Cameroon) could lead to, when I spoke to a former classmate who paid his Nigerian wife’s ‘bride price’ (Africans generally take this seriously and the marriage starts from there) a week before the said finals. I asked him jokingly why they couldn’t have waited until after the Afcon fever, and he said indeed the had planned to wait but when the knew our two countries were once more going to clash at an afcon final, they preferred not to risk the turnout or outright failure of their marriage…

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What’s beautiful? Life!

The slab moves back and forth, in a slow rhythm that comforts you. You smile despite the pain that burns through your entire back, the pain means you are not dead yet even though your head tells you the white room is a kind of heaven. You suddenly wonder if a CT scan used “harmful radiation” and if it is even necessary that you are here to do this. Continue reading →

What Zeeworld taught me about hope and logic

There’s a show on Zeeworld I’m hooked on… Yes the same Zeeworld I mocked in Motorpark Chronicles, how the mighty have fallen innit? It began late last month when certain members of staff of the hospital I work in began to make snide remarks about my locking myself in my office and isolating myself from the rest of them. The politics of that tiny workplace would take years to unravel but knowing just how serious such an allegation is (before they brought it to my hearing, it had already become gossip fodder for months). Anyway I began to leave my office from time to time and sit at the reception and watch TV with them, it’s mostly on Zeeworld because that’s like a universally accepted station these days. Continue reading →