Something Like Love-3

“Man proposes, God disposes” is one of the most popular maxims in the English language and it is fitting for today’s post. When I started this series, I intended to update regularly but life got in the way. Anyway here’s the third instalment of this paranormal series and if you need to catch up on earlier episodes see Something Like Love


The first time Nneka heard the word bastard, she had just turned five. Her grandmother was cooking okro soup in the kitchen while two women conversed in the living room. Nneka was playing with Garichi- her doll and Aduku- her squeaky toy. Continue reading →

Evening Sonata

Walking into the night, down the long straight path,
It wasn’t exactly night, the sun had just gone down,
There we were, my soul and I,
Looking for magic, without even knowing,
The leaves seemed to glow, with a light not of this world,
The insects, I think they were insects,
Composed sonatas, I’m sure they were sonatas,
So I danced, like I’d always wanted,
No one saw me move, in that rhythm older than time,
Freedom, heady and rich, filling my arteries with fire,
So I opened my mouth, to taste joy,
It slid past my tongue, tingling every cell with current,
In the middle of a lonely road, I found me,
I’d had no clue, how lost I’d been.

Thanks Imma aka D’dream for inspiring this.

MissUnderstood Me, Badass Me

This evening I walked down Bode Thomas on my way back from work, I had my earphones on and was listening to music on my phone. The songs were randomly selected by my phone’s shuffle, that way I get to listen to a greater variety of songs.
Suddenly I heard the opening strains of the soundtrack of my preteen years and one of my favourite songs even now “English man in New York” by Sting.
I felt giddy, it was like I was eleven years old again, angry with a world I couldn’t quite fit into or even understand how it worked. Listening to English man in New York always comforted me, I wasn’t the only alien (I was just furthest from home, Jupiter to earth is quite a distance) and someone understood the way I felt, he even wrote a song about it. One day when I’m grown, I’d find other aliens and maybe they’d teach me how to fit in.
I never did find any of the other aliens but I did find wonderful people who helped me see that being different could be cool and of course we all had different drummers to dance to and just because mine was playing looney tunes didn’t mean he is any less of a drummer.
The song is still playing and I have a smile as big as a mountain. I’m still misunderstood, a little kooky and can still read people like they’re my shopping list. But that’s ok, it’s who I am, it’s how I roll. Didn’t have to fit in to find my place in the sun, abi under the stars…
              Alien Ninja