Christmas Carols – O holy night

I’m writing this post with tears stinging my eyes, why? I’m listening to the carol that always grips my heart. It’s not my favorite carol- that’s been “zion’s daughter” for two years running but this song always makes me want to fall down and worship God for the awesome gift he gave to this miserable sinner. His only begotten son!!!
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Christmas Carols – The holly and the ivy

Hello everyone,
Today’s December 3rd and we’re continuing the Carol series. Today’s song is a very British song (did I mention that one of my great, great-grandmother’s was British? Well now you know :-p). I love singing it with a choir, it’s one of those songs that needs all the parts together to really fly. One year in uni we perforned the song for our carol service (I was in consistently in the choir), it was so beautiful, everyone was smiling as we sang it, not during the rehearsals though. Our choir director was a perfectionist and a sweetheart (in case he sees this, Ekpa you know I have crazy love for you)
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