Modern Hymns- Yonder Place

    If you live in Nigeria, then you’ll almost certainly know Rev Chris Okotie. He’s the verbose, erudite former presidential candidate of the fresh party and the Senior Pastor of the Household of God church Oregun Lagos. Before he was all that, he was a law graduate from the University of Nigeria Nsukka and one of the biggest pop stars Nigeria ever produced. Surprised? Before the Inyanyas, Timi Dakolos, Bez and Praiz of today, Kris (as he was called then) was a singing heartthrob and vocalist per excellence.

   Yesterday I finally got to watch “the meeting” (thanks Olu), the movie produced by Rita Dominic and Mildred Okwo. The movie swept most of the local awards and had excellent reviews. I have my issues with the movie especially with the essential points of the plot but I guess it’s hard to write a screen play… what do I know? I haven’t been able to finish several series here. So I’ll just shut up.

Anyway, the last scene of the meeting ended with Kris’s I need someone as the soundtrack, I recognised it because my mum sings it from time to time. I downloaded it and played it for her, immediately the song started, she smiled and said “I need someone”. She’s amazing like that about music. As I listened to the song, I remembered one of my favourite gospel songs, the song is titled “yonder place” by the same Kris Okotie and I decided to put it up today. Today his musical talents are blessing those in the Kingdom of God. Ain’t that something?

“Yonder Place”
Yonder Place, where the stars are shining bright
Jesus Christ, He’ll make all things alright
In His time He’ll make me really see Him
Otherwise, it really wont be right.

He’s gonna put all my heart to rest x3
ohh ohh

He’ll release me and direct me to the city up above
Theres no more sorrow, no more pain
There’ll be no crying in this place
The darkness fades away, no more sorrow
There’ll be no crying in this place

No more nights, no more nights in the city x3

I pray this week brings great things with its coming, hasta la vista y’all.


  1. Rev. Chris Okotie has more than 150 hit gospel songs that he has refused to publish even after intense pressure from his Church members. He uses them only for praise and worship in his Church alone. But fortunately these songs have filtered into other Churches and they are blessing Christians even those who don’t know that Chris is their author.


  2. Please where can i download the song Yonder place from as i have searched for it on Youtube without success.Thanks


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