Coke wahala

Only two paragraphs are fiction, can you guess which two?🤔

Na Coca-Cola cause this wahala.
An hour before I met him, I had been pleasantly surprised to be entering Onitsha without incident and walking along Upper Iweka clutching my bag without being harassed. I called out my destination to the bus conductors and they all kept saying I couldn’t find a direct bus at that time, I would have to break my journey. By the time the fifth bus pulled out, I decided to listen to them.

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Something Inside So Strong, And an Unusual Morning.

I took my tablet with me to the kitchen this morning. I set up a song to play while I selected tomatoes and sliced a section of an onion. As I chopped the tomatoes, I wondered why I wanted that song in particular. I had forgotten about it for years and even when I heard it again recently, I wasn’t tempted to listen to it on my own. It’s an old favourite of mine and a staple of my childhood, the song is by the American group – Atlantic Starr. The title of the song is Always.

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I’m getting married in September, all three ceremonies will hold in a ten-day window and there isn’t a cell in my body that hasn’t been replaced with nervous energy, I’m so burnt out by wedding preparations that if you say ‘Wedding’ near me, I might just shoot you. Actually, I would slap you. I don’t carry a gun about.


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