The only thing to fear…

They called it scaling, it was an almost seamless operation with one girl astride the old tank holding a bucket to scoop water. Other girls would carry buckets on their heads waiting to fill them with the scooped water and they would carry the buckets to the small clearing where there were perhaps hundreds of buckets, they would exchange the buckets of water for empty buckets while the girls appointed to keep watch over the water stood silently and menacingly. Continue reading →

Friday Fiction- Gilded Throne 3.0

I began a fiction series in May that I intended to run weekly on Fridays, sadly I wasn’t consistent at it. However I have finally finished it and I’m putting it up today. Because I’m such a fabulous person, I’m putting everything here in one post. There’s no need to jump here and there to refresh your memory of the story or get acquainted with the story.

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Something Like Love-3

“Man proposes, God disposes” is one of the most popular maxims in the English language and it is fitting for today’s post. When I started this series, I intended to update regularly but life got in the way. Anyway here’s the third instalment of this paranormal series and if you need to catch up on earlier episodes see Something Like Love


The first time Nneka heard the word bastard, she had just turned five. Her grandmother was cooking okro soup in the kitchen while two women conversed in the living room. Nneka was playing with Garichi- her doll and Aduku- her squeaky toy. Continue reading →

Evening Sonata

Walking into the night, down the long straight path,
It wasn’t exactly night, the sun had just gone down,
There we were, my soul and I,
Looking for magic, without even knowing,
The leaves seemed to glow, with a light not of this world,
The insects, I think they were insects,
Composed sonatas, I’m sure they were sonatas,
So I danced, like I’d always wanted,
No one saw me move, in that rhythm older than time,
Freedom, heady and rich, filling my arteries with fire,
So I opened my mouth, to taste joy,
It slid past my tongue, tingling every cell with current,
In the middle of a lonely road, I found me,
I’d had no clue, how lost I’d been.

Thanks Imma aka D’dream for inspiring this.

I wonder, I just wonder.

In the early 1990’s a certain TV show was airing on NTA, it was titled Third Eye. My parents tell me it was about a young girl who helped her father solve cases, he was a police officer or something. Olu Jacobs was the father and the only thing I remember about the series was him muttering the phrase “I wonder, I just wonder” in that voice with the rich timbre. Continue reading →

Something like Love-2

They shouldn’t have met at all, it probably wasn’t written in the stars for them. She had missed the bus that was to convey her for her friend’s wedding, the transport service from Nsukka to Enugu town was erratic and she bitterly regretted not travelling to Enugu the previous night. The bus had pulled out minutes before she got to the park and after thirty gruelling and expensive minutes, she gave up the chase for the bus and paid the taxi driver the same amount that would have taken her to Jos from Enugu.
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