Finding the Dream


Laying dreams on the table,
Spreading them out to shine or sparkle.
Drawing patterns with bare feet on the sands of paradise
With my mother’s voice in my head,
To tie me to shore despite the calls of the sea.
Carrying the weight of joy and freedom,
Singing as I shed the coil of twos
Dancing as I wear the sheen of threes
Wallet folds its arms
And laughs with twisted mouth
I shut my eyes and tend fragile hopes
And continue to believe
There’s something missing in these pictures.

Finding Jazzhole.

I was walking to the bus stop with my phone clasped in my left palm; John Legend‚Äôs Each day gets better keeping me company on the walk. The bus bound for Obalende stopped for me to climb in, the conductor didn‚Äôt warn me about change but there was no need, I was not carrying any heavy note that would require speaking plenty English for my change or marrying another passenger. I noticed the looks I got from two passengers, one at my back and the other in front and I realized that the song was still on and I didn’t carry my headphones with me. Feeling like I had never left Umunawiri-Ife, I bent my head and paused the song. Continue reading →