Chidi, Omalicha.

Chidi’s birthday is today, so I wrote her a tiny message on Facebook and I’m sharing it here.
We first met on the comment section of an awesome blog in 2014, we clicked so well that we moved it to WordPress where she runs an amazing blog where she dispenses smarts and horror stories for my birthday, then we moved to WhatsApp and finally Facebook, last year. Continue reading →

29 things I’m grateful for.

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, the twenty-ninth day of December is one of my favourite days in the year, you see- it is the day I get to say my birthday is next tomorrow. This year has been tumultuous, the changes I have been through seem to have been too intense for one year. However I am grateful for a lot of things, maybe more than twenty-nine, maybe less but let’s start… Continue reading →

Friday Fiction- Gilded Throne 3.0

I began a fiction series in May that I intended to run weekly on Fridays, sadly I wasn’t consistent at it. However I have finally finished it and I’m putting it up today. Because I’m such a fabulous person, I’m putting everything here in one post. There’s no need to jump here and there to refresh your memory of the story or get acquainted with the story.

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