The baby and music.

This afternoon my brother came into my room with a smile that carried full scale mischief, he was followed in by my father who was holding a tiny onesie. It is yellow, mustard is the right word and I wore it as a baby. It was so tiny that I doubted that it was mine even though my mother confirmed it too. Continue reading →

What would you do…?

I like Funtime Coconut Chips, well I like anything that has coconut in it or coconut flavour, like my easy-peasy coconut pancake or coconut cake which I’d finish an hour after baking it (I do not, cannot eat hot food, curiously I can’t stand cold cake). Most of all, I love coconut and Baba Dudu- which I cannot find anymore. My mother brought the best Baba Dudu from Cotonou, they had a kick- spicy heat that their Nigerian cousins couldn’t match. Continue reading →