15 for 15 Challenge- Failure

Have you ever failed before? Never? Once? Twice? Does it really matter?

There was a time I was afraid of failure, really scared. I was eighteen years old and was very sick while writing exams, I was so sure I was going to fail and be kicked out of pharmacy school. Continue reading →

Dear Bible Thumper

I was on Facebook and saw a comment on a post that got me pretty steamed- I really should stop spending so much time on Facebook, if I’d spent the time I’ve squandered on Facebook to “attempt” to write, I’d have “attempted” a novel by now. Any way someone quoted a portion of Ms Adichie’s Tedx speech “We should all be feminists” (it’s on YouTube and the transcribed version is available online, just Google it!)
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Of movies, HIV, rants and carlessness and the 200th post

There’s a particular movie that’s regularly shown on Africa Magic family that has always irritated me, I discovered the reason recently. The film is about a young man who discovers he has HIV and he has three girlfriends and he’s also having sex with his best friend and flatmate’s fiance and who knows how many more.
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