Birthday bants

Most of the world celebrate New Year’s day on the first of January but those of us who were born on the 31st of December, we get to celebrate our New Year a day early. 
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Live your Best Live Now- 15 for 15 challenge

The title of this post is the title of one of the books by renowned preacher Joel Osteen of the Lakewood Church, Houston Texas. He’s a multi #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and heads one of the largest Christian congregations in the United States.

Joel Osteen smile
One of the things he’s known for is his wide and beautiful smile, he’s even known as the smiling preacher. In one of his books (I can’t remember which right now) he talked about feeling insecure about his smile and tells us how he was even mocked for it but had to rise above the mockery and the insecurity.
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Trade Fair Diary

This post should have gone up last month but i only got to finish it on Sunday night

The Lagos international trade fair holds every year in November and this year was no different. It usually features thousands of visitors as well as hundreds of exhibitors showcasing their products, this year it held at three different venues and for the first time since 1993, I attended the trade-fair. Continue reading →