You Can’t Please The World.

The story of the man, his wife and their donkey who kept changing positions according to the dictates of the strangers they met along the way never fails to crack me, no matter how many times I see the depiction. The funniest one to me is the cartoon that shows a man with a marked resemblance to former Nigerian President Dr Goodluck Jonathan and his wife with Nigeria as the donkey.

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Lessons from the road to the well.

I was reading the first four chapters of the gospel as recorded by St John recently, and I discovered something in the first three verses of chapter four that I had never seen before. The words literally jumped out of the pages of my copy of the Message Bible and hit me in the gut.

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  I’ve always heard that the best things in life are free, I don’t believe that. You may not actually pay in cash but you’ll pay something else to get what you want, you’d have to pay for it one way or another.

You get married? The irresponsible, fun loving side of you suffers. You have kids? There goes your me time. You’re in a relationship? There goes your peace of mind, will he be the one? Is he seeing other chics? Will his mother like me?… While the whole paying ish may not be as extreme as I put it but you still have to give up something for the best things.

There’s only one free thing, the best thing of all and that’s salvation, Yea! For real! Jesus paid the price by dying for us, let’s not waste his suffering abeg.

See ya @ the foot of the Cross

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