Lyrically- Stay Young.

So yesterday, I was at the Tafewa Balawe Square for an interdenominational Christian programme organised by the publishers of Our Daily Manna. I love TBS, I have written about it on this blog a couple of times. Lemme go search for the links but I took a couple of photos yesterday that I’ll share here.

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Friday Fiction- No Mosquitoes In Heaven

In 2014, I wrote a story about Malaria on my other blog. I decided to share it here today because I wanted to rant about how my having relaxed hair is not a sin and the annoyingly judgmental attitude of some new naturalistas who act that way. However I have decided that it’s too early in the year for a rant… Maybe in February, I’ll do the rant thing. So today instead of a rant, I give you an old story.
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Last year I went to see a bone setter for a report (I referenced it here) I was writing for a publication, unfortunately they didn’t use it and it has been on my laptop since then. I decided to upload it here for two reasons: the first is, I can’t leave it to languish on my laptop, I spent too much time on it. The second is I am supposed to write a piece on Benin art but the ginger hasn’t been there, maybe uploading this will give me the push or in Terry G’s words it will ginger my writing swaggah to finally start the piece. The things we do for our art abi?
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