In The Midst of Troubles…

Something happened today that made me put aside my reservations about writing this post. I was close to home, walking in the opposite direction from a man and some children who were headed to the mosque. The man held a little boy who was three or four years old and the boy was on the pedestrian walkway (which is basically a covered drain/gutter).

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Consider The Pigeons…

So, I’ve made two posts in three days… A new record this quarter. Maybe I’m recovering my writing mojo? Please Lord let it be so. Or maybe my subconscious just wants me to remember this time and the things I’m going through. Sometimes, I read my blog posts from way back and I realize updating this blog is mostly for myself. A diary of sorts, a time capsule I can walk into and remember who I was at those points. 

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Swiftly or Not…


Two days ago, I noticed something I had never seen before in Isaiah 60. It was a huge surprise because it is one chapter of the Bible that I can say I have read at least a hundred times, there was a time I had to read it daily for several months. Yet I missed the significance of the last sentence of the last verse.

“The least of you will become a thousand,

The smallest a mighty nation,

I am the Lord;

In its time I will do this swiftly.” – NIV

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He is My Peace

My favourite writing position is with a pillow propped behind my back, my head resting on the bed frame or the wall – depending on where I am. My right thigh supports my laptop while my belle balances it.

As I write this, my laptop tils a little from one side to another and it is the only time I am grateful for my soft and round belly. I want a flat tummy one day in the future, I don’t want them abs although I suspect I’d be one those who would get one as they try to pop out whenever I start a workout regime.

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Curse God and Die

When I think about the story of Job, I think the Bible is slightly unfair to Job’s wife. Maybe not the Bible per se but renditions of the story over the years. And no this is not me ‘feminizing’ or quarrelling with the male centric narrations of the Bible – that is a different matter. Continue reading →

Sarah vs Abimelech

Genesis is one of my favourite books of the Bible, fascinating people, scintillating accounts of their life. It has everything, intrigue, incest, violence, hope and it is a fitting beginning for the turbulent world we find ourselves today. Whether or not you believe the creation story as recorded by Genesis, you can’t deny that it tells a compelling story.

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You Can’t Please The World.

The story of the man, his wife and their donkey who kept changing positions according to the dictates of the strangers they met along the way never fails to crack me, no matter how many times I see the depiction. The funniest one to me is the cartoon that shows a man with a marked resemblance to former Nigerian President Dr Goodluck Jonathan and his wife with Nigeria as the donkey.

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Where Is Your God?

This morning I got Isaiah Chapter 36 as part of my scripture reading for today and I had to go on to read the next chapter, the story was that engaging. I knew about the story of the Assyrians and how an angel slew 185,000 fighting men in one night. I also knew there had been letters mocking God that King Hezekiah spread before the altar of God for him to read. I remember that image from My Book Of Bible Stories or was it Uncle Arthur’s Bible Stories? 2 Kings 18 tells the story from the beginning. Continue reading →