I am Adaeze Ezenwa, my middle name is Chinanuekpere and that’s where Chynanu’s blog stems from.
I currently live in Benin city, relocated in April when I took a certain job offer. I studied Pharmacy at the University of Benin so it isn’t a strange land, my heart is in Lagos though where my family resides 😉

Writing is something I love to do, sometimes I think it’s the reason I was planted on this blue planet. This blog is the space where I explore that gift and where I have come to meet many fabulous people, including YOU!

So tell me about YOU.


  1. I like it. Thank you for making it available for all to read… I have the patience of a vulture but the will and stance of an eagle. It is one of the indescribable blessings I received from the LORD my Savior for HIS Glory. Remain blessed —Every day 😀


  2. My apology… This reply was actually meant for your story I read titled “The Vulture Is A Patient Bird”. I liked it. Thank you for making it available for all to read… I do not like vultures much and do like eagles a lot. Just everything about them really. Thank you.

    Remain blessed —Every day 😀


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