Kiss from a rose- A story

Yesterday (Saturday) had to have been one of the most hectic days of my life, yet I spent most of the day sitting on my bed. I’m part of a team that’s trying to bring something fresh and fabulous to the health care sector in Nigeria and I had the responsibility of doing the initial leg work online, we’ll talk it a bit more later.
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When bathing your child is an Abomination

It all started with an innocent picture.

Earlier today, I was on Facebook saw this picture on an Igbo group that I belong to. The picture was posted with this caption “Hello Friends… is it proper for a man to bath a new born baby?” As with everything on social media, a hot debate ensued on the appropriateness of a father bathing his own child.
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SMWLagos- Snippets

   The Social Media Week Lagos is still on, it’s still lit, it’s still rocking hard. The number of attendees has steadily increased and the tempo and quality of the discussions has been sustained. For me, it has been goldmine of opportunities and connections, you could literally be sitting across from a person who has answers to your most burning questions- I saw that happen several times today. 
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The Nigerian Students’ Association was the only social gathering that Chinwe allowed herself participate in, the clamour for independence was at an all-time high and she was swept by the fervour of the agitation. She met Nnamdi at one of their gatherings, he was accompanied by her good friend Anthony and he was easily the most handsome man in the room. Continue reading →

PENDULUM- Part four

I’m really grateful to everyone who’s been following this series, my stats have been blowing up. Adaezewrites also asked her readers to visit and they did!
Thank you for your comments, likes and views, you’re all gingering my swaga (I used to be a hard core Terry G fan back in the day), fueling my fire and pouring ink into my pen. Oga diri unu mma (it is well with y’all).

She leaned across his chest to stroke his left eyebrow, from there she proceeded to dig her fingers into his smooth curls. It was her ritual to stroke his hair whenever they were together, it amused him that she would subconsciously touch her own kinky hair just after touching his.

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When I started this series, I had a three part concept which would have ended on St Valentine’s Day. However, the story and the characters took a life of their own and took me in a direction that I didn’t quite expect. I have no idea when PENDULUM will end or where the story is going but that’s the beautiful thing about writing fiction, it takes you on paths you couldn’t have predicted.

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