The Turkish Sultan

  I’m out of ideas on what to write today and it’s already 11pm. I’ve had a long day with NYSC, my locum job and a certain phlegmatic individual conspiring to drain me. I’d almost given up on posting anything until I remembered a scene from one of my favourite books as a child that talked about doing your duty even your whole body doesn’t want to. The book is “The Good Master” by Kate Seredy. It was written in 1935 (what is it with me and old things?) and the story is a little dated but children will always be children.
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15 for 15 challenge- Thirst

     I’ve been thinking of what my next post will center on for the 15 for 15 blogging challenge. I had a hard time trying to decide on either sticking to a particular theme eg health issues or my craft lessons or just winging it. I haven’t decided yet… :-), but something happened to me today that I’d like to share on this forum.
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Ancient hymns – Alleluia sing to Jesus

“Alleluia sing to Jesus” was written by William C Dix in 1867- there’s a reason this series is called ancient hymns. William wrote over 40 hymns in his sixty plus years on earth 1837 -1898, he was thirty years old when he wrote this hymn that has blessed millions of people around the world especially Anglicans. He wrote it as a eucharistic song and it is used that way till tomorrow. Continue reading →