Cameroon:Nigeria Love: Hate Affair (My Personal Perspective P1)- Guest Post

I met Marie on Timi’s blog when I was featured here. Her blog is lit! (link at the end of the post) and I’m so honoured to have her here. The post should have been up since Friday (which is when I like to put up guest posts) but I had a bout of back pain (the pain killers I’ve been on since Tuesday became ineffective all at once) and I forgot to post it. Enjoy her scintillating post and watch out for Part 2 (as our nollywood brothers will say)


I started to feel concerned about what the outcome of the recent female African Cup of Nations (Afcon) finals hosted by us (Cameroon) could lead to, when I spoke to a former classmate who paid his Nigerian wife’s ‘bride price’ (Africans generally take this seriously and the marriage starts from there) a week before the said finals. I asked him jokingly why they couldn’t have waited until after the Afcon fever, and he said indeed the had planned to wait but when the knew our two countries were once more going to clash at an afcon final, they preferred not to risk the turnout or outright failure of their marriage…

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Guest Post- Wayne Rooney, Writers Block and Random Ramblings.

Uchechukwu, my most annoying and most beloved (except Dede Udoka sha) cousin sent me a post yesterday and commanded me to share it on my blog. Even though he’s barely four months older than me, he likes to bully me. Anyway here’s Uche with his hilarious post, I’ll look for the last picture we took together and put it up too.

For the record, I must confess that nobody send me any message. As we are won’t to do in this part of the world whenever we are not willing to admit our failings- I blame Buhari. I was on my own, jejely, enjoying the recession when the foolish thought of writing came to my mind. Being the bored busy-body that I am and having never learnt to resist my more foolish urges, I quickly grabbed pen and paper. That was Friday morning. This is Monday morning and I have not written anything that WAEC would not see and demand that I return the certificate. Continue reading →

Guest Post-A Reflection on Choices.

Today I have a guest post from a very special person, my youngest brother Ikenna. I literally had to sit beside him to get this post out of him and I had to type it myself because he “wasn’t in the mood to type after writing”.

This pictures were taken at the National Museum Lagos, don’t know why I keep procrastinating about writing a post about that visit.

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Guest Post- The Chicken And The Egg…

The biggest benefit of blogging for me hasn’t been the exposure for my writing or the chance to express myself, even though those were the things I thought I’d gain the most from blogging. The biggest benefit has been the interesting people I have met along this journey and how they have enriched my life with their spirits and with their words.
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