The Igbo Conundrum.

Jason Njoku made a series of tweets that provoked mixed reactions, for me what it made me feel was sadness, deep sadness that seeped into my bones. In his blunt, unsentimental style, Jason highlighted one of the major problems we have as a people as he basically called our language useless while proclaiming his pride in his Igbo identity in the same breath. Continue reading →

Remembering Mary.

Yesterday I visited the blog Preshinspires, Precious followed me two weeks ago and because I had data issues and travelled out of Lagos last weekend, I was finally able to check out her blog yesterday. She’s a teacher who loves her job- she calls it a calling and I’m so impressed by that, you see my dad is a teacher and I know how awesome that job is and I find it sad that these guys are usually underappreciated.
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Beat the ground

I didn’t know I had dreaded this visit, had no idea that the motivation for finding reasons and excuses – was fear. This fear was the type that crippled, the type you couldn’t taste or touch- as transparent and weightless as air. You live with it, you’re not even aware of its presence and importance. Like wind, it will hurl you when it’s strong enough, it will leave destruction in its path.
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The Turkish Sultan

  I’m out of ideas on what to write today and it’s already 11pm. I’ve had a long day with NYSC, my locum job and a certain phlegmatic individual conspiring to drain me. I’d almost given up on posting anything until I remembered a scene from one of my favourite books as a child that talked about doing your duty even your whole body doesn’t want to. The book is “The Good Master” by Kate Seredy. It was written in 1935 (what is it with me and old things?) and the story is a little dated but children will always be children.
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15 for 15 challenge- Thirst

     I’ve been thinking of what my next post will center on for the 15 for 15 blogging challenge. I had a hard time trying to decide on either sticking to a particular theme eg health issues or my craft lessons or just winging it. I haven’t decided yet… :-), but something happened to me today that I’d like to share on this forum.
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Confessions of an ex-bookworm- 1

   Reading used to be the main pleasure of my life, sometimes even the only bright spot in the tunnels I had to go through at different times. However in the last eighteen months, I haven’t read much. I don’t think I’ve read more than a hundred and fifty books in this eighteen months, I know you’d wonder why that seems low to me right? Some people my age haven’t read that many books in their whole lives and I’m even complaining. Well in this period of reading ennui, I’ve been exposed to books I’ve desired and craved to read for a long time. I even downloaded them but intensely struggled to read to read these books. I haven’t been inspired to complete a book in a while and I’m really bothered.
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