Beneath the Iroko

I’m watching cars snarl and drivers curse at Lawanson bus stop while I’m getting series loaded into my Iroko TV app. I’m the last customer of the day, well not a customer- I have an active subscription and it means Success the agent, will get no commission from me.


We are talking as I type, about the chain of businesses Jason has built around the Iroko brand and I do not fail to tell him that Jason, like me, has roots in Mbaise and how his wife keeps writing hit show after hit show- the shows aren’t perfect but no one can say they weren’t entertained.
“Having kiosks with agents like you from whom people can load movies and series into their apps is brilliant!” I tell him.
Why?” He tilts his head to look at me like I’m Moses delivering the tablets from Sinai.
“Because, while the subscription costs are low-“
“1000 every three months” he cuts in
I paid 3k for a year,” I continue
The cost of data for downloading say husbands of Lagos season 1 (1.55Gb) will cover the subscription for three months already”.
“Well I need people to be subscribing, I can even come and meet them to help them subscribe and load movies for them too

Done with the collection, I slide my phone into my bag and stand up to leave.
“Aunty tell your friends to patronise me o” he calls out.
I have told them already” I reply.

I show him this and press post.


PS: This is not a sponsored post.



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