My father has an ‘unusual’ middle name, it’s fairly common but unusual still. A few weeks ago, I stumbled on a post that referenced the name – maybe it’s Tsar’s post actually. Anyway, he made a quip about the name on the post and I threatened to report him to the bearer of the name, but something nagged at me. Continue reading →


BackStory Motivation


A few days ago, I shared a video from someone’s wall on Facebook. The video was a very popular advert for the telecommunication network MTN Nigeria and it was centered on the new phenomenon called porting which allowed you to change networks while retaining your number. Continue reading →

Somebody’s baby…

Once upon a time, a woman gave birth to a beautiful baby boy after an arduous and perilous labour. He was the most beautiful baby in the world, his eyes were huge and he had the softest, curliest, black hair his sister and his brother had ever seen. The baby belonged to them alone, ‘have you seen my baby’ they said to visitors who came to see the new baby and the mother. They disregarded the father and mother, two sets of grandparents and a great-grandmother who also owned the baby.

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Overjoyed In A Square Circle.

The title of this post is taken from the title of one of my favourite songs and the album it’s from. Stevie Wonder the aptly named Miracle, penned and sang the song in 1985 – a couple of years before I was born. I listened to the song as I typed the bulk of this post and I’m just discovering on Wikipedia that Earl Klugh strummed the guitar for this song.

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Cocoa Butter…

I don’t like ice cream.

That is not exactly true, the price of the kind of ice cream I like gallops every month. These days, anything that isn’t essential like Coca-Cola can rest in Spar, while I move on. So I settled for Ooh La La ice cream when I worked at a hospital a few metres away from their GRA store and when the hospital moved to the island, I gave up on ice cream.

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Coke wahala

Only two paragraphs are fiction, can you guess which two?🤔

Na Coca-Cola cause this wahala.
An hour before I met him, I had been pleasantly surprised to be entering Onitsha without incident and walking along Upper Iweka clutching my bag without being harassed. I called out my destination to the bus conductors and they all kept saying I couldn’t find a direct bus at that time, I would have to break my journey. By the time the fifth bus pulled out, I decided to listen to them.

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