Modern Hymns- Lean on me

It’s been a looooong while I put up a lyrics post, I kinda lost my lyrics passion. Life happens.  This is going to be one of my most personal posts, it’s basically a big apology to my friend who’s so good to me and I don’t really really deserve his friendship (friendship not romance) yes Duru it’s you I’m talking to 😉 When “he” comes, I’ll tell y’all about it. Continue reading →

The tenth girl

I wrote this story in July, i wanted to write something playful and light. I’d be posting short pieces I wrote a while ago here, I can’t seem to find the inspiration to write anything now. I hope to get back to regular blogging soon though- I have Duru and Uju’s tags to answer


He called her Nwanyidiuto, what else could he have named her? His tenth daughter and tenth child, he had to agree that females were a pleasure, and a daughter a sweet thing.
When his wife was pregnant for the first time, he wished for a daughter. A man’s first daughter was always his true love, the one who cared the most for him, the one whose love never faltered. He’d envied the bond that his father and his sister shared, how they didn’t need words to say the things that mattered. When his daughter was born he named her Ifunanya, because love had come to him.

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Imo river

When I think about my roots and the land of my fathers and mothers, it’s Onu miri Umunanwiri that strikes my mind. The Imo river passes through my town and separates us from ndi Ngwa- ndi n’eri anu madu (oburo mu kwuru). Some of the villages are blessed to have their own beaches, mine is one. The river has sustained us since the dawn of time, we took our palm oil, palm kernels and other palm products to Opobo by canoe, my grandfather even participated in the oil trade before he left for Lagos to find his fortune at the Nigerian Railways.
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Render unto Caesar

When I first saw the Kim Davis story, I was rather disturbed by the fact that some Christians were hailing her for her decision. Kim Davis is the Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples because of her Christian beliefs. She was called a hero by a good number of Nigerian Christians aka my Facebook friends.
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