If You Say So.

She smiled when he jumped into the bus, she’d thought he was lying when he said he was already at the bus stop waiting for her and seeing him eased her mind on his reliability. Her smile faltered when he ignored her and her big smile and bounded towards the lady with the wavy weavon sitting in front, put his hands on her chair and said “hello angel.”

What is the meaning of that!” she spat as she turned around.

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Daddy Can Change Diapers Too!

My friend Olu sort of prompted my writing Na man you be-1B with his dissatisfaction about the slant of the post, I didn’t quite agree with him even though I eventually saw his point.  I like arguing with him though- he has such a pretty pout. Anyway the new post still elicited a flurry of back and forth on WhatsApp, with him thinking that Nigerian Breweries- makers of Gulder weren’t trying to be insulting of women but just ignored them because they weren’t their target market.
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Technology vs Pounded yam.

What do you think separates humans from other animals? What exactly elevates us and makes us top dog? It isn’t communication, other animals communicate with one another and their environment too. Some of them even use sophisticated mechanisms of communication including electronic signals used by aquatic animals and seismic communication by use of vibrational signals by certain species of frogs, bats and worms. It isn’t making our own shelter, even the birds do this. Neither is it taking care of our young, every mammal has maternal instinct. Continue reading →

A simple meal

Once upon a time, this young woman went to culinary school, however she dropped out after the first stage. She’ll go back one day and complete it, God willing.
A few days ago I had a hankering for prawns and tomatoes, I love prawns but dislike tomatoes. However on that day I wanted tomatoes (No I’m not preggie… I think) so I decided to make prawn and tomato sauce.
I have a ship load of spices, thanks to the aforementioned culinary school, so I decided to make it with an Asian slant.
I like marinating my ingredients overnight in spices and that’s what I did.
First I marinated my prawns in spice for fish, soy sauce and cayenne pepper


Then I marinated my tomatoes, bell pepper, bonet pepper and onions in sweet basil, curry, oyster sauce and oregano


And popped both dishes in the freezer. I should have kept the tomatoes in the fridge to retain its texture, however I didn’t want to use any oil in the sauce and I know adding the tomatoes in the pot without oil would mean I’d have to cook it for a long time to extract the juice #aintgattimeforthat. So putting it in the freezer would extract the juice and thawing it will give me ready to use juice
The next morning I get my dishes from the freezer and thaw them. Putting the prawns in a saucepan, I stir fry for about 5 minutes, no oil! Just the prawn and soy sauce. Then I add my juice laden tomatoes and cook for a further 5 minutes, and no I didn’t add any salt to my sauce, soy sauce and oyster sauce can be very salty.


I had it with dodo (fried plantains) and Sangria flavoured fruit juice
I got a lot of mileage from my sauce, in the evening I added eggs and had it with rice and beans and a cold glass of Ribena.
The next morning, I added fresh pumpkin to the eggy sauce and had it with rice.
  My next food post will be on Chinese fried rice… I think! Will try and do a food post weekly or at least biweekly. God help not to get bored with it.


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