The Thing Went Boom!

You’re sitting on your bed with your laptop a few centimetres away from you. The sentences your fingers are planting on the screen make you wince but you do not delete them, you decide to leave the shining imperfections and grow your word count. You just typed ‘injection’ when you heard the boom. Continue reading →


Local Content 2- Selling Us To The World.

I grew up in Nigeria, in a bustling suburb of Lagos in the 1990’s and 2000’s. It was a beautiful childhood and I spent a solid portion of it reading and watching movies- my younger brother loved them. I did not visit the US or Canada at any time, yet I was could identify many landmarks in those countries and tell you where they were located, I could list their important leaders, statesmen and heroes and I could describe pizza even down to its taste without having seen it before.
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Road trip to Abuja

   I travelled again?… Yes oh, I guess it’s my tourism month. Another friend is getting hitched and she’s not the kind of friend you’d tell “I wish I could come but the distance is too much”. So I prepared my things and made plans for the trip.

  “Lagos to Abuja by road?” I heard that question plenty times, with incredulous looks like I’d sprouted an extra head or two. I always wanted to reply “Please buy the tickets for me” but I’m trying to be more effective at curbing my tongue. I love road trips though, for me they are an opportunity to see the beauty God bestowed on this country besides I’m a road trip veteran, been travelling since I was three months old. Anyway I’m a corper still so I’m penny pinching.  Continue reading →