Wednesday Fiction…


I’m sharing an excerpt from something I’m working on. I really hope you’d like it.


Wake Me Up

Pamela was thinking of ginger as she waited for the kettle on the ring to boil, not ginger the spice but the verb. No! it was the adverb – gingerly, it described her actions in the house since Jerry’s mother arrived yesterday, the only things the woman hadn’t complained about were the things she hadn’t seen yet. Continue reading →


Coincidence or Nah?

Early last month, my mother told us a story she had heard from one of the speakers at a convention at church. That morning, we were reading the parable of the wedding feast. In that parable, the invited guests didn’t show up and the servants of the owner of the feast had to get guests from the street. However, someone was kicked out for not wearing wedding clothes. Continue reading →

It’s Refillable

This isn’t the post I’d scheduled for today, I already have 500+ words of a post titled Anywhere which is a love letter of sorts to Passenger who is a British singer/songwriter. I started it after midnight and wrote until OmoT’s battery heroically gave out after nearly seven hours of writing without power- writing and watching YouTube videos (let me say the truth). My new laptop gives me great joy.

The YouTube videos were research for the post though. Sadly, EKEDC didn’t restore power according to their normal schedule of giving us light from a few minutes past midnight to a few minutes past 6am – you can nearly set your watch by it.

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Flower In The Rain.

There are days that stand out in my head and today, August 7th is one of them. My very precious cousin was born today, his name is Uche and we’ve been a cat and dog pair since we both began to talk. We’re age mates, born the same year but I like to pretend I’m older, it annoys him.

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The Igbo Conundrum.

Jason Njoku made a series of tweets that provoked mixed reactions, for me what it made me feel was sadness, deep sadness that seeped into my bones. In his blunt, unsentimental style, Jason highlighted one of the major problems we have as a people as he basically called our language useless while proclaiming his pride in his Igbo identity in the same breath. Continue reading →

Sarah vs Abimelech

Genesis is one of my favourite books of the Bible, fascinating people, scintillating accounts of their life. It has everything, intrigue, incest, violence, hope and it is a fitting beginning for the turbulent world we find ourselves today. Whether or not you believe the creation story as recorded by Genesis, you can’t deny that it tells a compelling story.

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