Read along with me…

One of the most important gains for me in 2020 was rediscovering my love for reading. I probably completed more books in 2020 than I had from 2016 till that point. It wasn’t even the lockdown that prompted this as it started around September and has only increased since then.

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Mystery, Mystery…

After Sidney Sheldon died and I had read all the books he’d written, a certain writer slowly filled the void left in my heart and mind- his name is David Badacci. Ekene might not remember now but it was through him I first discovered David Baldacci, he was holding ‘Saving Faith’ and I asked to look at it. In a few minutes I was lost in the book and felt bereft when he had to take the book with him, luckily he would later agree to loan me the book for a day and that was enough. Continue reading →

A roomful of books.

On this day nineteen years ago, my dad and I boarded a bus headed for Abuja that would follow the Jebba-Bida-Minna-Suleja route. I was going to Bida for the first time, Dedem Okey brought my admission letter the previous week and automatically cancelled the preparations we were making towards my accepting the admission at Lagos State Model College Badore. Continue reading →

What Zeeworld taught me about hope and logic

There’s a show on Zeeworld I’m hooked on… Yes the same Zeeworld I mocked in Motorpark Chronicles, how the mighty have fallen innit? It began late last month when certain members of staff of the hospital I work in began to make snide remarks about my locking myself in my office and isolating myself from the rest of them. The politics of that tiny workplace would take years to unravel but knowing just how serious such an allegation is (before they brought it to my hearing, it had already become gossip fodder for months). Anyway I began to leave my office from time to time and sit at the reception and watch TV with them, it’s mostly on Zeeworld because that’s like a universally accepted station these days. Continue reading →

Confessions of an ex-bookworm- 1

   Reading used to be the main pleasure of my life, sometimes even the only bright spot in the tunnels I had to go through at different times. However in the last eighteen months, I haven’t read much. I don’t think I’ve read more than a hundred and fifty books in this eighteen months, I know you’d wonder why that seems low to me right? Some people my age haven’t read that many books in their whole lives and I’m even complaining. Well in this period of reading ennui, I’ve been exposed to books I’ve desired and craved to read for a long time. I even downloaded them but intensely struggled to read to read these books. I haven’t been inspired to complete a book in a while and I’m really bothered.
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