Just Like That.

“Adaeze, what is Pyelonephritis?” He asked with a smirk.

Tolu looked at me with some concern, and I smiled at him just before looking at the smirking man and opened my mouth. Continue reading →


Adieu Gentle Giant

When I was a child, I thought love was a Don Williams song.

I didn’t find it in the songs of Lionel Richie- who I adored and thought I would marry when I was old enough, more than Kenny Rogers who sang songs that twisted my little heart, more than all the other singers whose music gave my childhood shimmering colour. Continue reading →

Finding Jazzhole.

I was walking to the bus stop with my phone clasped in my left palm; John Legend’s Each day gets better keeping me company on the walk. The bus bound for Obalende stopped for me to climb in, the conductor didn’t warn me about change but there was no need, I was not carrying any heavy note that would require speaking plenty English for my change or marrying another passenger. I noticed the looks I got from two passengers, one at my back and the other in front and I realized that the song was still on and I didn’t carry my headphones with me. Feeling like I had never left Umunawiri-Ife, I bent my head and paused the song. Continue reading →

The Walker

I begin my walk at the street that’s directly opposite ‘work’ and the Coca-Cola woman says ‘good morning’ with a huge smile on seeing me, it is the same smile that greets me when I come to buy Coca-Cola from her. I do not quite like that smile and how she brings out the Coca-Cola and gets the exact change to the two-headed naira note folded in my purse, while I am still saying ‘good morning’. Accepting an addiction to Coca-Cola is one thing but it is the nonchalance about predicting my choices that annoys me. Never mind that my brothers believe they can quote my thoughts on any subject or how friends I haven’t seen in years know to have dodo and Coca-Cola when I visit, I just do not like to think that I am predictable. Continue reading →

Get Lucky

Get lucky by Daft Punk ft Pharell is my new favourite song, I love the disco-funk fusion and the way it makes you think dancing is easy. If I didn’t know better, I’d have sworn it was by ‘Earth Wind and Fire’ or ‘The Whispers’- the smoothness of it calls them to mind. And the video! It’s so 80’s and that for me was when good music peaked and rolled over and died. I love the chorus most of all, especially the refrain ‘we’re up all night to get lucky’ that is repeated several times across the song. Continue reading →

Under Pressure.

I do not know now where I got the impression from, that Lawanson market was the market with highest priced goods in the whole of Surulere and Idi-Araba market which is barely 500meters away was the cheapest. I think the women who own stalls in the market are more serious than those in other markets with a wider variety of goods and that is why this morning, I took my body to Lawanson to buy the plantains and vegetables I needed to make the meal my spirit had been craving for nearly a month. Continue reading →