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A few days ago, I shared a video from someone’s wall on Facebook. The video was a very popular advert for the telecommunication network MTN Nigeria and it was centered on the new phenomenon called porting which allowed you to change networks while retaining your number. Continue reading →



I definitely haven’t been in the mood for a story today, collecting my thoughts was a problem.

I haven’t written a poem in a month or so, I miss poetry. It’s the easiest form of writing for me and it gives me the most joy, even when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…



Pray for me even if you don’t believe 

There’s a god to answer.

For this cup fills me

With anguish & bone crushing dread

And I am yet to take a sip


Pray for me, hold my hand if you can.

For this darkness swallows me whole

I can’t breathe

I can’t breathe

I cannot fucking breathe.


Pray for me, day and night

Perhaps God would look to you

Maybe your sins are fewer, 

Maybe he knows you still.

Me? He’s forgotten me. 


Pray for me for my tongue is gone,

Stolen by the thief of peace.

My words jumble in my head

Desperate for air, 

Dying by the minute. 


Pray for me even if you don’t believe

In prayers, or charms forgotten by ancestors. 

Pray for my soul

For the earth wearies me

And I want to die now. 


The Igbo Conundrum.

Jason Njoku made a series of tweets that provoked mixed reactions, for me what it made me feel was sadness, deep sadness that seeped into my bones. In his blunt, unsentimental style, Jason highlighted one of the major problems we have as a people as he basically called our language useless while proclaiming his pride in his Igbo identity in the same breath. Continue reading →

Sarah vs Abimelech

Genesis is one of my favourite books of the Bible, fascinating people, scintillating accounts of their life. It has everything, intrigue, incest, violence, hope and it is a fitting beginning for the turbulent world we find ourselves today. Whether or not you believe the creation story as recorded by Genesis, you can’t deny that it tells a compelling story.

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Microphone Miracle

July’s slowly rolling over and August is nearly here. I’m excited about August, there isn’t any particular reason why though. Maybe it’s a product of my childhood days when August meant I could wake up a little later than usual because of the long holiday. I wasn’t a morning person back then, I’m still definitely not a morning person.

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