An Anthem by Johnny Nash.

There is practically no one over the age of thirty who lives in Anglophone areas/cities/towns who doesn’t know Johnny Nash’s upbeat 1972 hit song, I Can See Clearly Now. It’s been used in countless movies and series to show good times and redemption and the lyrics are very cheery and optimistic, walking into light after being in the dark for so long and all that jazz.

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B Without BB

In the early 2000’s Blue Band margarine ran an advertising campaigning with a catchy song sung by young children in different scenarios. 

“B without BB is like a train without an engine” x3

 And it ended with the tagline – “No B without BB.” 

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Consider The Pigeons…

So, I’ve made two posts in three days… A new record this quarter. Maybe I’m recovering my writing mojo? Please Lord let it be so. Or maybe my subconscious just wants me to remember this time and the things I’m going through. Sometimes, I read my blog posts from way back and I realize updating this blog is mostly for myself. A diary of sorts, a time capsule I can walk into and remember who I was at those points. 

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