Cracked Wings.

I could have told you little one, that…

Wait my darling, you still are little.

Stop frowning, lest grooves grow on your face.

And while wrinkles show a life well lived.

You don’t want to be the most lived person in the room.


Little one, when you went about town on wings aflame,

With the fiery passions of love unripe,

Flitting on heights buoyed by the madness of young lust.

When you believed it would never change, that feeling.

I laughed little one, I laughed hard.


Forever is a long time when you are only 19,

And love a game of shadows and smoke.

The one who makes your heart fly

Would be forgotten on the heap of time and dust.

I told you so my darling, I told you so.


Your ears, too full with the cooing of your beloved,

Allowed my words flow down to the earth, wasted.

Perhaps I could have saved you from this ache,

This upheaval of sanity and balance and of your heart.

Perhaps my darling, it was a lesson you had to learn.


When your heart mends tomorrow, and I promise it will.

When you find love again, don’t laugh.

You’ll be glad for the days of love most insane,

You’ll miss it a little even, hold still my darling.

You’ll be fine in the end, sister mine.





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