Versatile Blogger Award

*Dancing shoki as I stroll into the building*
I can’t dance in real life, I can’t move my body rhythmically. If you wanna laugh really hard… ask me to dance or draw.

Anyway I’m dancing in my mind and as usual, I’m fabulous. I got nominated for the Versatile blogger award by Tessa this is the first time I’ve been nominated here and it’s exciting.

Thank the person who gave you this award.
Include a link to their blog.
You could include their names too.
Nominate 15 deserving bloggers you discovered recently for the Versatile Blogger Award — you should include a link to this site.
Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself
…And answer the question of the day, if you may.
Do the above for your own nominees. Display the award on your Blog
Tessa, thanks for putting a bright smile on my face this week and for sharing awesome and beautiful insights on living the Christ-like life on your blog. Whenever I read your blog, I remember Paul’s words “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes”.

Seven things about me… When I got this award on my other blog, I wrote about how fried plantain was my favourite food. The riper, the better is how I like it and my friend Esther hasn’t stopped teasing me about it.
See! I’ve put up one fact about me already 😉

I don’t like talking about myself, it makes feel really somehow… I can’t explain what somehow is.

I’m primarily melancholic but I don’t really think I have the perfection complex that most melancholics have, I agonize about whether my work is up to snuff but I’m usually not that agonized to do anything about it. My secondary temperament is choleric… I’m the first born of a first born… nuff said!

I’ve talked about my love for music and love for reading on this blog but have I ever told y’all how much I like to lie down and daydream? Now you know!

I like romantic gestures and I really like romance but in real life… I’m not romantic at all.

I love travelling, when I was a child I desperately wanted to be an explorer and travel around the world. I really hope that dream comes true soon. I’m so #teamhavebagwilltravel.

I like making jewellery from beads, it relaxes me even though it’s not really adding anything to my pocket as I don’t really want to sell anything. Why don’t I want to sell? I’m so #torturedartiste about my jewellery, I want to have creative control and it’s not really possible when you have to make bespoke jewellery. I just hate being told what to do.

It’s done! Seven things about me that you’re now privy to

Now to Tessa’s question… What does my faith mean to me, in one sentence? Knowing Tessa, I’m pretty sure she means my faith in God 😉
My faith is freedom, the boundless freedom that Christ offers, freedom from the law, freedom from sin and freedom from the death that takes the soul.

Nominate fifteen awesome bloggers… That also includes putting up links to their blogs and telling them about it. Tessa’s a superwoman, just thinking about it is giving me a headache. I’ll do the lazy thing and nominate everyone who reads this and is interested. However for Ugo and Adanne… this is compulsory!

My question is- How much do you think your blog is worth?

Did you notice the hashtags? I feel so hip and current :-p

On Saturdays, I usually try to post lyrics of songs I like and make small commentaries about them, I haven’t done it in a while, I hope I get my mojo back soon.

A new week starts tomorrow, may it bring all that we want plus much more!


  1. Thank you for all the compliments.
    I’m not good at taking compliments but thank you. I’m honored.

    I’m a superwoman in Christ. On my own I’m pretty plain. So I just do my best to stay connected to the vine.

    Lovely lovely. All the things I learned about you. You could add them to your yearly plan and start ticking as you accomplish.

    Being a mel, I know you have a list somewhere.


  2. I saw my name somewhere on this post… interesting, mami.

    I will have to come back to read what really makes a Versatile Blogger and why an award is deserved. I know that if anyone deserves an award in blogsville on versatility, then its you. You keep “instructing the ignorant and educating the world”, hope Tessa know’s this too about you.

    Congratulations mami… keep dancing shoki joor.


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