Eku ise

Eku se o!

When I was a little girl,  we had a certain neighbour who always responded with “Eku se” whenever we greeted her. It soon became a game in which we’d try to say eku se before she did and before long her name became Eku se to us.

Eku ise loosely means well done, it’s usually said to someone who’s working. You can’t really tell that to someone who’s sleeping, can you? Unless of course you’re being sarcastic. Or you think sleep is a form of work, like Ikenna my youngest brother does, that boy could win a gold medal in dedicated sleep if only it were an Olympic sport.

If someone asks you what is your handwork? What would be your response? Student? Lawyer? Engineer? Pharmacist? Teacher? Dangote’s mistress? Or is your job description a paragraph like Wale Ojo’s character in the movie Phone Swap. If you haven’t watched the movie… go and get it, it’s out on dvd.

Back to the matter, the work I’m going to be talking about isn’t what’s written on your work ID card but that thing that gives you purpose. Have you even discovered what it is? I think you should if you don’t know already.

Yesterday a certain young man took me to work, while he was driving he received a phone and something he said struck me. He said this year he was going to be doing things, no excuses. Go out and launch into the deep. This year, we should all do that. Go and do something out of your comfort zone, anything! It has to be legal and godly… I’m definitely not going to validate doing something wrong in the spirit of getting out to do something.

Like the Nike slogan says, “just do it”

Eku ise o



  1. Adaeze mami, I get the feeling you have been writing your posts lately to me, First it was the baby post, now this. Recently, I have been thinking of a project and It is way outside my comfort zone. I take risks alot so I am not worried bout the outcome of the project and besides, I know all I gotta do is put my mind into it. The crazy thing is that – It is outside what I know and I am not prepared to know what the feeling will be like…It scares the crap outta me…**sigh** Thanks mami for this post. It is very encouraging.


  2. @ Tibbs, she is talking to a lot of us. Not just you(and ur project) or me (and ma travel plans) ,the author herself (and her predilection for not finishing grand projects dt once eagerly begun) or you just reading this knowing wot you have to do.. But then again; isn’t that how God talks to us? Do we listen?

    Eku ise o.


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