The end- Done, Dead and Dusted

  A few years ago someone told me “we” had come to an end, in his words we were “done, dead and dusted”.

Even through my pain- I bawled like a baby. I loved the ring of those words, the alliteration and the finality of that phrase.

Today I can smile at the memory and have applied that phrase to certain issues life has brought my way.

I woke up with a thought- what do you do when moving on or the next phase seems like it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

When all you want to do is reach for past experiences and immerse yourself in them. When you just don’t want to see the good things about the new place you’ve found yourself, or enjoy the new experiences?

  I’ve always been like that, clinging to the past, afraid of leaving my comfort zone, ending relationships with both people and things but not anymore.

The end isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes it’s only a beginning in disguise. Unless it’s the end of a bad habit or toxic relationship, then what are you waiting for? Give it the 3Ds today!

PS: I was writing this post while doing my NYSC clearance, after the clearance I found myself touring Surulere until I got to a place where I’ve always been led to face a major fear, I was actually on my way to slay another dragon when I remembered this dragon.

With great trepidation I walked in and made an appointment- that was pretty easy to do. By this time tomorrow, I’d have faced those fears and I’d tell y’all about it… Pray for me, ask God to grant me courage.

Disclaimer: neither of my dragons involve a blood test….




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