Kenny Rogers, Mary and Me.

A few weeks before Kenny Rogers died, I was actively seeking his songs on YouTube. At the time, I didn’t even know he was in the danger of dying as I assumed he would get to be at least ninety years old. Coincidentally, I had done the same for Bill Withers and after he died, I stopped looking for songs of artists who are still alive.

Anyway, this morning I set my current playlist to Kenny Rogers only and started my walk. Listening to Kenny for me is listening to a lifelong friend, I have so many memories linked to his music. Good times, bad times and memories of the uncertain days of being a teenager and wondering how my life would turn out. To answer that, it is very different from what I expected.

Just as I turned into a side street, a new song came up. I’ve written about this song before (see link HERE and HERE), it’s Kenny’s version of a pretty popular gospel song titled Mary, did you know? As always when I listen to the song, I wonder at Mary’s courage to have that child even with all the consequences. She could very easily have been killed for adultery amongst other things.

If I found that I was pregnant today, my biggest challenge would be providing for my child. While my parents would be a little disappointed at my being pregnant outside marriage at this ‘advanced age’, but they would know I want that child and accept the child. Society and its judgmental stance has no effect on me.

Yet even with all my advantages, I do not think I would accept the kind of offer Mary got. At least not immediately like she did. I would take time to think about it and analyse the situation and plan my next steps. As you can easily tell, obedience doesn’t come easily to me.

For most of last year, I kept being led to teachings about obedience during my Covenant Time. It was so insistent that I got scared at some point, wondering what huge thing God required of me. it was so bad that I would often just open my Bible to find something else and on the first page I open, I’d find a verse or section on obedience. Trust me if there is any Bible verse on obedience, I definitely read it last year.

This morning, I woke up well before my alarm and even though I wanted to sleep, I knew the purpose of my waking up was for me to continue work on an editing project. I resisted and resisted, snuggling deeper in my bed and shutting my eyes firmly while waiting for sleep to return but it didn’t. I had already set my alarm an hour earlier than I start my day normally in order to give me more time to study the word and pray as well as work on the project. So, I wasn’t going to sacrifice even more sleep when that early morning sleep was the sweetest and most fulfilling part of sleep for me.

I saw a post on Facebook by ON Yeka (if you aren’t her Facebook friend, what are you doing on Facebook?) where she asked people to talk about their experiences with dreams coming true. As I read contributions and typed my own response, I felt a sense of loss. Once upon a time, I could see a thing in my dream and it would happen exactly that way in real life, sadly that stopped about three years ago.

Sometime this week Monday or Tuesday most likely, I was sitting on my bed and I was reminded of my sadness over the dream thing. However, I was offered a new perspective about the matter. I had become a lot more sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and having been taken on obedience school, I didn’t need dreams to know the mind of God for me. All I had to do was listen.

As I was resisting the leading to wake up this morning, I remembered that conversation and I knew I had to get up. I took my laptop and Bible to the parlour so I could study and pray before starting the project. Just as I opened my Bible, a preacher came with his mega-phone and began to preach. I smiled because if I was still on my bed and struggling to sleep, I would have been very pissed indeed.

A few minutes into the reading, I heard a sound which made me burst into laughter. It was one of those machines which empty septic pits and those things are loud even during the day when there are other noises to compete. Even if I was in deep sleep, the noise would have shaken me awake.

I was still feeling pretty puffed up about my experience this morning until the song came up. My tiny actions pale in scale comparison to hers, hers were world shaking. Right now, I am still glad about the experience even though I do not think I should get an award for it.

Today, I did 10k plus steps at one go. It’s something I’ve never done before and I didn’t even feel excessively tired when I got home. I used another route and didn’t need to climb a bridge, I think that bridge on my normal route saps my energy.

I wrote about how my craving for Coca-Cola has reduced – it’s now pretty easy for me to resist the dark, bubbly liquid. Since I got my fitband which tells me how many calories I lose per workout, it’s helped me get more disciplined about many things. For example, the calorific value of a 50cl bottle of coke is 210cals and if you look at the screenshot above, you’d find that even after walking nearly 4,000 steps and covering 2.75km, I still would not burn off a bottle of coke.

I guess listening to Kenny and the stories in his songs made me go further than I have done before. May his soul continue to rest in perfect peace.

The Walker

I begin my walk at the street that’s directly opposite ‘work’ and the Coca-Cola woman says ‘good morning’ with a huge smile on seeing me, it is the same smile that greets me when I come to buy Coca-Cola from her. I do not quite like that smile and how she brings out the Coca-Cola and gets the exact change to the two-headed naira note folded in my purse, while I am still saying ‘good morning’. Accepting an addiction to Coca-Cola is one thing but it is the nonchalance about predicting my choices that annoys me. Never mind that my brothers believe they can quote my thoughts on any subject or how friends I haven’t seen in years know to have dodo and Coca-Cola when I visit, I just do not like to think that I am predictable. Continue reading →