Coke wahala

Only two paragraphs are fiction, can you guess which two?🤔

Na Coca-Cola cause this wahala.
An hour before I met him, I had been pleasantly surprised to be entering Onitsha without incident and walking along Upper Iweka clutching my bag without being harassed. I called out my destination to the bus conductors and they all kept saying I couldn’t find a direct bus at that time, I would have to break my journey. By the time the fifth bus pulled out, I decided to listen to them.

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K-Legged Tourism.

“Chai I no even dey Lagos”

I was chatting with a friend who came into Lagos two days ago and wanted us to see and after tying ‘chai’ my phone predicted the rest of the message. I smiled as I realised how often I must have typed those words in that sequence. I have travelled every month this year- more than once in some months (May was epic) and all these trips have been within Nigeria- why am I not global now? Chissss *in Charles’s Okocha’s hypeman’s voice* Continue reading →

Five days in the Coal City

I haven’t been here for a while, did you miss me? did you even notice I was gone? 🙂 How have you been? What’s the latest news? yarn me gist jare. First of all (go down low) I want to thank everyone who commented on my penultimate post when I talked about having malaria. I haven’t replied to the comments yet due to a few factors which I’ll explain later. Thanks so much for caring.
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