Friday Fiction- Gilded Throne 3.0

I began a fiction series in May that I intended to run weekly on Fridays, sadly I wasnโ€™t consistent at it. However I have finally finished it and Iโ€™m putting it up today. Because Iโ€™m such a fabulous person, Iโ€™m putting everything here in one post. Thereโ€™s no need to jump here and there to refresh your memory of the story or get acquainted with the story.

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Remembering Mary.

Yesterday I visited the blog Preshinspires, Precious followed me two weeks ago and because I had data issues and travelled out of Lagos last weekend, I was finally able to check out her blog yesterday. Sheโ€™s a teacher who loves her job- she calls it a calling and Iโ€™m so impressed by that, you see my dad is a teacher and I know how awesome that job is and I find it sad that these guys are usually underappreciated.
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