Valentine gift.

Yeye girl,
How e come be say na you dey control my mumu button like how Okocha dey gum ball to im boot as twenty defenders dey chase am? You wey no even fine like that sef, with your k-leg and opolo eye and you no even dey try draw your eyebrow like your mates them. No be say na the better cloth you dey wear or long hair wey you kukuma get. No be say you no get your good points sha but I dey suspect say jazz dey involved for this matter. Continue reading →

What Zeeworld taught me about hope and logic

There’s a show on Zeeworld I’m hooked on… Yes the same Zeeworld I mocked in Motorpark Chronicles, how the mighty have fallen innit? It began late last month when certain members of staff of the hospital I work in began to make snide remarks about my locking myself in my office and isolating myself from the rest of them. The politics of that tiny workplace would take years to unravel but knowing just how serious such an allegation is (before they brought it to my hearing, it had already become gossip fodder for months). Anyway I began to leave my office from time to time and sit at the reception and watch TV with them, it’s mostly on Zeeworld because that’s like a universally accepted station these days. Continue reading →

Something Like Love-3

“Man proposes, God disposes” is one of the most popular maxims in the English language and it is fitting for today’s post. When I started this series, I intended to update regularly but life got in the way. Anyway here’s the third instalment of this paranormal series and if you need to catch up on earlier episodes see Something Like Love


The first time Nneka heard the word bastard, she had just turned five. Her grandmother was cooking okro soup in the kitchen while two women conversed in the living room. Nneka was playing with Garichi- her doll and Aduku- her squeaky toy. Continue reading →