Carlos @ 70

Yesterday, Carlos Santana turned seventy. I didn’t even know it was his birthday when I finally listened to Wild thoughts. I was a little afraid that DJ Khaled would destroy the sublime beauty of the epic “Maria Maria” in the name of sampling/homage. Bros was wise enough to know you don’t mess with perfect, you respectfully work around it and you get Rihanna to sing about crazy, untamed things- as she was born to do. Continue reading →


Lyrically- Landslide

   I’m going to start by saying music has been a dependable friend all my life, from the rock, raggae and RnB songs my mother raised us on, to the smooth jazz and soul I discovered much later. It’s nursed me through several heart cracks… My heart has been “broken” only once. It’s been there for me when I couldn’t even understand what I was feeling, soothing and calming, never judging or losing its patience at my inability to say the things in my hearts. Most importantly, it has never laughed at my dancing 😉 Continue reading →