The Vulture Is A Patient Bird

The first time I saw a vulture, I was ten years old. We were in Jebba and it was a peaceful morning, We’d been travelling all night, our bus had broken down several times since we left Lagos at 9pm. We should have gotten to Bida at 5am but we watched the sunrise at Jebba as we waited for the vulcanizers to open.
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Confessions of an ex-bookworm- 1

Β Β  Reading used to be the main pleasure of my life, sometimes even the only bright spot in the tunnels I had to go through at different times. However in the last eighteen months, I haven’t read much. I don’t think I’ve read more than a hundred and fifty books in this eighteen months, I know you’d wonder why that seems low to me right? Some people my age haven’t read that many books in their whole lives and I’m even complaining. Well in this period of reading ennui, I’ve been exposed to books I’ve desired and craved to read for a long time. I even downloaded them but intensely struggled to read to read these books. I haven’t been inspired to complete a book in a while and I’m really bothered.
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