Pain might fade.

I wrote about regret a month or two ago, talking about how regret was necessary and no one should be ashamed of regret. However in her comment, Timi of the of my many writing mentors- nobody does dialogue like her!) reminded me that the pain of things gone wrong will fade with time and will fade from regret to scar tissue. Continue reading →


The Other Son 2

  Yesterday I talked about the story of the prodigal son and some of my thoughts on the story. Actually this post was written right after that one, in fact when I started writing that post what I had in mind was what I’m about to talk about today but somehow approval and appreciation came out and I had to run with it.
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Ancient hymns – Alleluia sing to Jesus

“Alleluia sing to Jesus” was written by William C Dix in 1867- there’s a reason this series is called ancient hymns. William wrote over 40 hymns in his sixty plus years on earth 1837 -1898, he was thirty years old when he wrote this hymn that has blessed millions of people around the world especially Anglicans. He wrote it as a eucharistic song and it is used that way till tomorrow. Continue reading →