He is My Peace

My favourite writing position is with a pillow propped behind my back, my head resting on the bed frame or the wall – depending on where I am. My right thigh supports my laptop while my belle balances it.

As I write this, my laptop tils a little from one side to another and it is the only time I am grateful for my soft and round belly. I want a flat tummy one day in the future, I don’t want them abs although I suspect I’d be one those who would get one as they try to pop out whenever I start a workout regime.

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Pain might fade.

I wrote about regret a month or two ago, talking about how regret was necessary and no one should be ashamed of regret. However in her comment, Timi of the thelivelytwist.com(one of my many writing mentors- nobody does dialogue like her!) reminded me that the pain of things gone wrong will fade with time and will fade from regret to scar tissue. Continue reading →

Ancient hymns – Alleluia sing to Jesus

“Alleluia sing to Jesus” was written by William C Dix in 1867- there’s a reason this series is called ancient hymns. William wrote over 40 hymns in his sixty plus years on earth 1837 -1898, he was thirty years old when he wrote this hymn that has blessed millions of people around the world especially Anglicans. He wrote it as a eucharistic song and it is used that way till tomorrow. Continue reading →