29 things I’m grateful for.

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, the twenty-ninth day of December is one of my favourite days in the year, you see- it is the day I get to say my birthday is next tomorrow. This year has been tumultuous, the changes I have been through seem to have been too intense for one year. However I am grateful for a lot of things, maybe more than twenty-nine, maybe less but let’s start… Continue reading →


Gratitude Challenge

So I was nominated for this challenge by my virtual brother and treasured friend John D Beloved of duru’s blog. The rules of the challenge are name three things you’re grateful for and nominate three other people (bloggers) for the challenge. It’s pretty simple innit? Well here are my answers.

The first thing I’m grateful for is the trinity, yes o! God the father, God the son and God the holy spirit. They’ve had my back from before I came into this world, even with my many sins and fuck-ups (pardon my Portuguese) God’s love for me has been unwavering. Through the many storms I’ve been through in this my short life, I always felt my heavenly father’s presence presence even though I felt he was too far away. How can I forget Jesus’s sacrifice for me on the cross, me Adaeze most miserable of sinners? For what na? And of course my beloved holy spirit, my paddy for jungle, friend, lover, comforter, adviser, gbogbo wan. I’m super grateful I’m a Christian and God’s favourite child.

I’m definitely grateful for my family, the excellent support system God blessed me with. Parents who are our friends, want only the best for us and would walk through hot coals for us. Who tell the scariest and wildest stories to prove their point. My dad who’s almost as wise as Solomon, who’d wrap us in cotton wool if we’d let him. A mother who gives our dreams wings, yet keeps us grounded. Her love for God and her family I struggle to imitate, if I had to describe her with one word, that word would be love. Obinna my brother, friend, listener to my rants and my bank when I’m broke. Ikenna my baby, confidante and football enthusiast. I have no sister but I’ve never felt deprived or anything cos of the wonderful boys who share the same last name (for now? Will I keep my surname after marriage? Adaeze Ezenwa has a beautiful ring don’t you think?),quirks, love for Coca Cola and blood group.

I’m grateful for friendships, my friends past and present. My physical and  virtual friends who have enriched my life in so many ways. For my many relatives, uncles, aunties, cousins even to the fifth degree(yes I have fifth cousins who I’m close to), who make me grateful for the African concept of family.

Now to my nominees, I nominate Oris of http://www.thepingofpong.wordpress.com, Olugbenga of http://www.gmwrites.wordpress.com and Obinna Ezenwa of the empty blog http://igweeobyno.blogspot.com. You have a week to accept this challenge, it’s not like there’s any water involved sef.

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