Friday Fiction- Gilded Throne 3.0

I began a fiction series in May that I intended to run weekly on Fridays, sadly I wasn’t consistent at it. However I have finally finished it and I’m putting it up today. Because I’m such a fabulous person, I’m putting everything here in one post. There’s no need to jump here and there to refresh your memory of the story or get acquainted with the story.

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Friday Fiction- Gilded Throne-2

I started a series last month that was supposed to go up every Friday, it wasn’t even meant to be a series. I wanted to write a short piece for my Friday Fiction Series but the story kept getting longer and longer. I posted the first part in May and this is the second… I hope I don’t post the next one in July 😉

The saga began here====>> Friday Fiction- Gilded Throne.


Adesuwa’s niece was born on her wedding day, Itohan had run away to live with Osarodion the village hunter and occasional palm wine tapper. When Adesuwa asked her sister why she would commit such a foolish act, Itohan stared sullenly at her.
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