Kolanut palaver.

Krakakum, krakakum

The sound walked into the ears of each of the men and they jerked in unison as it tickled the nerves encased in the bones of their backs. Your father closed his eyes and put his palms on his head, with his elbows pointing in opposite directions and he jerked again.


The sound continued on its journey as you chewed the kolanut slower than you did before, letting the bitterness fill your mouth and your heart too. Continue reading →

Friday Fiction- Gilded Throne 3.0

I began a fiction series in May that I intended to run weekly on Fridays, sadly I wasn’t consistent at it. However I have finally finished it and I’m putting it up today. Because I’m such a fabulous person, I’m putting everything here in one post. There’s no need to jump here and there to refresh your memory of the story or get acquainted with the story.

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When bathing your child is an Abomination

It all started with an innocent picture.

Earlier today, I was on Facebook saw this picture on an Igbo group that I belong to. The picture was posted with this caption “Hello Friends… is it proper for a man to bath a new born baby?” As with everything on social media, a hot debate ensued on the appropriateness of a father bathing his own child.
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