K-Legged Tourism.

“Chai I no even dey Lagos”

I was chatting with a friend who came into Lagos two days ago and wanted us to see and after tying ‘chai’ my phone predicted the rest of the message. I smiled as I realised how often I must have typed those words in that sequence. I have travelled every month this year- more than once in some months (May was epic) and all these trips have been within Nigeria- why am I not global now? Chissss *in Charles’s Okocha’s hypeman’s voice* Continue reading →


The Vulture Is A Patient Bird

The first time I saw a vulture, I was ten years old. We were in Jebba and it was a peaceful morning, We’d been travelling all night, our bus had broken down several times since we left Lagos at 9pm. We should have gotten to Bida at 5am but we watched the sunrise at Jebba as we waited for the vulcanizers to open.
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