Being His Spec

Earlier today, I saw a thread on Twitter about being your spec’s spec. Then an extremely hilarious post by Victor Daniel about breaking up with a person who has a great looking ex, brought back two sets of memories. The first was about a man, an old friend and the second is about my little cousins. Continue reading →

Jesus- patron saint of misfits.

Yesterday morning I headed to my brother’s room in search of my headphones, he likes to ‘borrow’ them and keep them in his room until I go on a retrieval mission. He was trying to cling to the last wisps of sleep but I snatched them out of his grip by shaking his feet and hitting his ankles.

“you’re awake” he mused Continue reading →

Of Yankees and Nigerians.

What did you think of when you saw that word? What do you most associate with that word? America- the promise land? That brash young man who spent two weeks in the states and came back with an accent thicker than George W Bush’s? Cheap clothes and perfume sent by your uncle in the US which you wear with great pride and never fail to tell everyone that it came from Yankee or Yank if you’re from Lawanson and want to sound hip.

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It was the best of days, it was the worst of days, it was the age of stress, it was the age of aggravation- Ok! I’ll stop! I’ve absolutely destroyed one of the most famous opening sentences in history to suit my “nefarious” ends (nefarious has been on my mind all week). A tale of two cities is one of my absolute favourite books, the first sentence grabbed me and hasn’t let me go seventeen, eighteen years after I first read it- Did y’all think I was a spring chicken?
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