What’s beautiful? Life!

The slab moves back and forth, in a slow rhythm that comforts you. You smile despite the pain that burns through your entire back, the pain means you are not dead yet even though your head tells you the white room is a kind of heaven. You suddenly wonder if a CT scan used “harmful radiation” and if it is even necessary that you are here to do this. Continue reading →



Pastor Adeboye’s comments to his members on marriage and the attributes of a “marriageable” woman has sparked up fierce debate in social media and out of it. I think the emphasis on cooking and laziness and length of prayer time is hilarious, I have seen marriages fail with wives who are excellent cooks, harder workers than the average bee and who can conduct their own vigils by themselves. There’s much more to marriage than food and prayer but I am not married, am I? So I’m hardly an expert on marriage 😉
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The Jesus Series- Worry not!

I love flowers! They have an ethereal beauty that draws my eyes every time. I love wild flowers most of all- yes the flowers of weeds. No one planted them, no thought or arrangement went into their being at their location, and no one considered the aesthetics or colour combinations. No one did any research into their genetic profile neither have they been carefully bred from generation to generation like the “commercial” flowers.
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The Jesus Series- Cast Not Your Pearls

The seventh chapter of the gospel of Matthew is one of my favourite chapters in the entire bible, Jesus was steady dropping it like it’s hot, steady wisdom, steady Rhema, and steady fire. Today I am focussing on the sixth verse.

“Do not give to dogs what is sacred, do not throw your pearls after pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”


As I have grown older, I have come to understand this verse better, it’s like a giant billboard in my head now with flashing neon/xenon lights illuminating its message. Most times we link this verse to sexual purity but that’s just a slice of the cake, it applies to everything!


You and I are precious, we are sacred, we are awesome and most importantly we were bought at the highest price in the world- the death of Jesus on the cross. We are not to give ourselves to unhealthy situations or circumstances, we should definitely not tie ourselves to people who do not value us. Standing for ourselves and speaking out when we are being unappreciated is not a sin, actually it is imperative on us as Christians to shine our light and show our worth. I don’t understand why many Christians have low self-esteem, I don’t get it!


There is modesty and humility and there is low self-worth and we find many Christians who walk this earth without reflecting the awesome glory that is their birth right as Christians. How this must sadden our heavenly father, that in the guise of being meek (which doesn’t mean stupid by the way) we shuffle on earth without direction, without poise or presence. Being heaven conscious and not being of this world doesn’t mean that we are not to shine on earth. If it were then why on earth would Jesus charge us to be the salt of the earth? To be the light of the world, the light to be set on a hill- Matt 5:13-16


The funny thing is, we do not have any gain in living a defeated or muted life. Just like the last part of that verse says, the swine will trample on the pearls and then trample on you too. It’s the same way that we do not even get to enjoy any fruits from such a life. Living your best life possible is an act of worship, that men may see your life and worship your father in heaven. I’m not talking about money or material wealth but in giving your best in what your hands find to do and in living a life that reflects the awesomeness of Jehovah.




The 850k Question

There’s a question that floats round cyberspace from time to time.

“A woman earns one million naira monthly and her husband works in the same company and earns one hundred and fifty thousand naira monthly. If one of them has to resign to take better care of their kids, who should it be? Or if one of them had to be laid off by the company, who should be laid off? Continue reading →