Stoty-time 2

Two stories and a film.

Young man walks in, can’t be a day above 23 even though his eyes tell of stories decades older than him.

It’s a little after 8am and he’s the second person to walk in. The first is an earnest, handsome man in his 30s who doesn’t read the signs on the doors and makes two mistakes.

He’s good natured about them and has a truly beautiful smile. He keeps smiling and laughing and trying to make conversation as he gets his item. I do not smile back, I have a feeling he’s trying to avoid going to work early and I will not be used as an excuse. I’m already at work 🙄

So the young guy paces as he tells me what brought him, before he finishes his akuko I can already tell what’s wrong. It’s why he can’t stay still, the itch is truly bad. He’s still tap dancing as I tell him the prices, he decides to get ribena to go with the drugs and my smile comes out. He might make foolish decisions, but he knows the best drink.

“I’ll wait,” he says when I tell him I haven’t gotten an alert for his transfer, before he gets to the seat the phone beeps.
“Seen it,” I say and he comes to get his medications.

“I no go shenk again” he says as he collects the bag. He’s spent quite a sum on the meds.
“Use condoms” I answer.

“I don’t know how to use them, nobody don teach me.”

My mouth falls open as I watch him push the door and walk out. I think about the woman he had coitus with, she’s probably asymptomatic and being a cheerful giver. I barely restrain myself from wondering why and how people have sex without condoms in the face of the infections walking about. Who dey sell liver to these people?

I’m half-sitting and half-lying on my bed as I catch up on Ali Wong’s special. It’s the first free evening I’ve had in weeks, the three scary deadlines looming over me have ended. Now I can rest and watch comedy specials and documentary series on Netflix until Saturday.

Ali’s talking about making more money than her husband and her mother’s worry that he’d leave her because he’s intimidated by her money. Omolomo isn’t interested in leaving though, he’s enjoying the good life and goes to work two hours late.

Ali isn’t funny-funny. She has an interesting way of telling stories though and her deadpan expression makes everything funnier – think Basket Mouth when he tells his jokes with a straight face.

She continues; another reason he can’t leave is because he’d be furked if he does. His family made her sign a prenup before they married, no one would have thought she would end up being the more successful one. He went to Harvard Business School while she has a BA in ethnic studies from UCLA. Some people would have lumped her into the “no career” group if she was marrying into their family.

I pause the special as Ụwa na eme ntụgharị by Father Mbaka begins to play in my head. I start laughing as I remember the time in my life when I heard that song everyday. Chy played the spirit, soul and body out of that song between ’07-09. We learned every word of that song, Tobias Esther and I. And learned to block it out if not we for kolo.

Speaking of kolo, I saw a film trailer on Instagram and I really want to see the film when it’s out. It’s by Jim Iyke and it’s titled Bad Comments. It seems to be tied to Jim’s social media persona and he’s one of my favourite people on Instagram. Stays minding his business until someone crosses his lane.

August 27th can’t come quickly enough.

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