Dear God, It’s Me.

Dear God,

It’s hard sometimes to remember this love.

When life is hard, when nothing works and the darkness swirls around my soul threatening to shut off the light. I stumble in the grey, wishing for a miracle, hoping that you remember me.

It is almost impossible to remember that there is no one like you. That there are signposts in my memories and etched in my heart. The seasons from my life showing you are good; you are kind, and you love me with a love that endures.

Sometimes I like David, have sunk to the bottom of the depths of despair, I like David have wondered why you forsook me. If you loved me I wondered; why then can I not feel your sure touch as I near the precipice and I grope amid thorns. Where o Where is my saviour? Where is my comforter? Where o Where is my father?

Where is thou God of Elijah I cry out, where is the God who sent down fire from heaven. But in those moments, like as with Elijah, you were not there in the fire or in the hurricane or even in the centre of the quaking earth. In those moments, you come to me instead. You come to my heart and your voice, quiet and still, your voice is enough.

I still want the flashy miracles though, but dear God help me never to forget to listen for your voice in the din of life. Help me that my heart will always be quickened to you, that my ears be attuned to your voice.

I love you, body and soul.




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